After the Wedding: Cleaning Your Gown

Your big day is over. The cake has been eaten, the vendors have been paid, the guests have gone home. You’re just back from your luxurious honeymoon, and you’re sitting down to write 200 thank-you notes when your new hubby calls out from the bedroom, “What are you going to do with your dress?”

Yes, that magical ivory creation that sat pristine in its bag in the weeks leading up to the wedding is now hanging in your room, no longer the belle of the ball. The hem is filthy from photos and dancing, a button popped when your uncle tossed you over his shoulder near the end of the night, and there’s stain where your maid of honour spilled a little wine on you as you hugged after her speech.

There’s no denying that your love for that dress rivals your love for your new husband. You searched for months to find it and it was love at first sight. Now it’s fulfilled its purpose and it’s time to give it the care it deserves.

Don’t wait too long. It’s best to take your gown to be cleaned and preserved sooner rather than later, before the stains set in. You also may want to find out if there’s a deal to be had. For example, if you bought your dress at Bridal House, we’ll offer you 10% off the price of cleaning through our gown cleaning program!

Don’t just take it to your corner dry cleaner. They may claim they can clean it, but truly very few places have the expertise to properly clean and preserve a wedding gown, with its delicate fabrics and embellishments. You’ll also want to ask about the process and chemicals used. Our cleaners are certified wedding gown specialists and will guarantee your wedding gown will come out as clean as possible. They are also one of only two eco-friendly cleaners in the city, which means your gown will be hand-cleaned and treated with a natural solution, and no harsh chemicals will be used.

Find out how it will come back to you. Once your gown is beautifully cleaned, you can choose to have it presented in a keepsake box. This is a lovely way to keep it that won’t take up valuable room by hanging in your closet! It also protects the dress for future generations.

We love helping you pick out your dream dress, and we want to be sure it receives the care and attention it deserves even after the big day. Pricing is determined by the fabric and embellishments on your gown.