All About Men: Be Yourself and Other Helpful Hints

Tux and Suit Shopping Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

We sat down with Bridal House Tuxedo Supervisor Katie Davis to get the goods on what trends are evolving in the world of men’s wedding wear.  Grooms-to-be, take note! Katie gives some great advice on how to relax and enjoy the experience.

Helpful Hint #1: Be Yourself

When it comes to groomswear, the key thing to remember is that your wedding wear should reflect you.

That means, if you’re a traditional guy, you’ll probably feel best in a classic tuxedo style that has a little bit of a boxier look. Or maybe you’re a more modern groom and would rather opt for a more fitted style. 

“I like to tell our grooms to stick to something that’s true to themselves. I say, if you’re not sure, stick to something fairly classic, instead of that crazy red jacket – you want it to represent yourself.”

Helpful Hint #2: Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Katie likes to remind men to stick to something that’s going to make them feel comfortable, just not too comfortable.

“Every guy is different. Some need more guidance than others. I try to give my advice on what’s different about weddings than other occasions,” says Katie. “Mostly, that this is a very special occasion, so you need more than an everyday suit.”

What if you’re not sure? Don’t get overwhelmed. The sales associates will ask you a series of questions to help you narrow down the perfect suit or tux. For example, if you’re having a destination wedding, you’re going to want a lighter tuxedo, or maybe go without a jacket.

Helpful Hint #3: Make it Your Own

At the Bridal and Tuxedo House, a large majority of grooms and groomsmen will go with rentals, rather than purchasing a tuxedo or suit. With a rental, simple alterations can be one to make sure your outfit looks great: arm-length can be adjusted, and the hemline shortened or lengthened for example.

Helpful Hint #4: Don’t Wait til the Last Minute!

The best part about shopping at the The Bridal House is, that you and your groomsmen can drop in for a consultation at any time – no appointments are required on the menswear side! But don’t wait too long, give yourself three or four months before your wedding date. You don’t want to be stuck without any variety to choose from!