Fashion Rules for Grooms (Don't Worry There Aren't That Many)

Grooms, when it comes to dressing for your big day, a lot of tips and tricks rely on personal tastes and preferences. But when it comes to men’s fashion there are a faux pas that are easy to avoid.

Grooms and groomsmen take note…

1.    Personal Grooming
There’s no better way to leave a lasting impression than looking fresh. Be sure to shower, shave and smell good.  Maybe plan a trip to the barber the day before. It’s a special occasion! Put in some extra effort and it will pay off. 

2.    Sunglasses Ruin Pictures
If there’s one thing photographers have come to hate, it’s the universal love affair with sunglasses in pictures. We want to see your face, not your cool-guy façade! You may be permitted to do one shot where you’re all rocking your Ray Bans, but leave it at that and move on, shade-less. 

3.    The Difference is in the Details
You’re probably going to have a few butterflies on your big day, that’s only natural. So why not make your outfit as comfortable as possible? Your salesperson should ask you the date, location and time of day your wedding will take place. All of these will affect the type of suit you choose. A winter wedding tux will be heavier than a suit you choose for a sunny destination wedding. The style and cut might change if you’re saying your vows at a traditional church versus a civic ceremony at City Hall. And if your ceremony takes place at night you might choose a darker colour than an early afternoon appointment.