Lookin’ Snappy: Beyond the Tux with Men’s Accessories

Any bride knows that her wedding day accessories are almost as important as her gown. Veil, jewellery, hair clips, purse, shoes, garter… The list goes on and on. “Ha!” the groom laughs. “I just have to put on a tux and I’m good to go!” Not so fast, mister. It’s your big day too and there are plenty of trendy additions to get you looking your best and showing off your sophisticated style.

Ties, bowties and vests are all obvious style choices that bring your tux or suit to the next level. Colour, fabric and style all say something about you; a cheeky patterned bowtie sends a different message about your personality than a fashion-forward skinny tie. And don’t forget to choose a matching pocket square to polish off the look.

Most guys wear a belt every day, but your wedding day is the day to break out of your regular rut and have some fun with a new colour or style. Looking for another way to hold up your tux pants? Suspenders are a hot trend right now, with grooms loving this vintage look that’s also got a formal vibe.

Want to look fashion-forward from head to toe? Start with the head and grab a suave hat like a fedora for you and your gentlemen for some Mad-Men style photos, or black cowboy hats for your rustic ranch wedding. Accessories also make for a perfect groomsmen gift. Buy everyone a nice pair of sunglasses, cufflinks or watch for a cool, coordinated look that they can wear on the wedding day and beyond.

Moving down to the toes, we are seeing more and more grooms who care about what’s adorning their feet. From sleek tapered dress shoes to Converse sneakers, grooms are showing up to their nuptials looking footloose and, well, fancy! And for the groom who wants to look polished with a splash of excitement, colourful patterned socks are where it’s at. Happy Sock is a fantastic brand in our store and we also carry Good Luck Socks, an awesome Edmonton-based company that carries everything from dinosaurs and aliens to maple leaves and plaid.

And then there’s the pieces of clothing hardly anyone talks about – (gasp) underwear! We carry an amazing Canadian line of men’s underwear called My Pakage that’s renowned for its comfort and style. Bold patterns mean you can strut your James Bond look on the outside, all the while knowing your inner fun guy is secretly represented with new plaid or floral trunks. And the best part of splurging on comfortable and stylish socks and underwear is that you’ll wear them long after the big day.

Come in to Bridal House today and discover some of our stylish accessories that will help you look your best while letting your personality shine through!