Reverse Destination Wedding

Future brides are often found pinning up a storm while dreaming of their wedding. Destination weddings have been hugely popular in the past few years, and in 2016 we are seeing brides amending their destination wedding dreams by bringing their special locations to their hometowns, a "reverse destination" wedding trend. 

Brides are considering places that have been special to couple over the courtship and incorporating elements of these places into their wedding day. Bride Adriana in Victoria created a vintage popcorn stand at her outdoor ceremony, a "homage to their first date at an outdoor theatre."  Nadia in Saskatoon had macaroons and espresso at the wedding desert table as part of an overall theme of Paris, where the couple got engaged. Other couples have put elements of their adventures into the wedding: an engagement in napa valley and bringing the wine from the local vineyard to the reception, a favourite trip to the east coast of Canada saw another couple ordering lobsters and clam chowder for the meal.

When planning to have a reverse destination wedding, consider the following elements:

1. Design of the ceremony and reception

With relative ease you can incorporate elements of special places to you into your ceremony and reception. Research pieces of your favorite place that could be incorporated into your wedding. For example, Nadia says that they sought out romantic, soft lighting for the reception. "In addition to the bistro signs, the lighting added a 'European feel' we were going for," she explains. What about the destination is special to you? Is it the food, the view, the activities you participated in? Consider working these in to your ceremony or reception.

2. Guest gifts and games

Adding in a special gift or a game is a simple way to add a destination flare to your local wedding. "We loved the hospitality of our east coast holiday," says Jamie. "Our decision to seat people in long tables as well as play a mixer game was a nod to the friendly nature of the people we met in the maritimes." She added that guests had a blast meeting each other this way. "This added a flare to our wedding day that was decidedly east coast and very us," she explains.

3. Selecting a Wedding Gown

Brides are choosing wedding gowns that accurately match thematic elements of their wedding: flowy, modern sheathes for beach themed weddings, lace-heavy a-line gowns with a modern vintage feel for a European wedding. Whatever the gown choice, there is a nod to the overall "look and feel" of the wedding the bride is hoping to achieve.

Whatever theme you choose, we're here to help you choose the gown of your wedding day dreams! Here's to choosing a wedding theme that's true to you and your future spouse.