On Trend: First Look Photos

Modern weddings are all about shaking up tradition. Today’s brides aren’t afraid to turn convention on its head when it comes to making their day as individual as they are, while still hanging on to the particular wedding rituals they’ve dreamed of since they were little girls.

One trend we’re seeing that changes things up is the first look photo. Haven’t heard of it? You start off your wedding day with a moment that’s just the two of you and your photographer. The groom has his eyes closed or is turned around, and the photographer captures the moment you (the bride) walk up and your beloved sees you in your gown for the first time. These can then be followed by the rest of your wedding photos, including those with the bridal party and family.

There are plenty of advantages to first look photos. Wedding photographers are huge fans because it gives them some breathing room, instead of frantically fitting all the wedding photos between the ceremony and reception.

It also gives you a longer, more intimate moment to capture in photos. The first look becomes a special moment in the day between just the two of you – not one in front of 200 guests when you’re worried about tripping over your dress and he’s worried if his best man has the rings. Go look up some first look photos – we dare you to not get teary when you see the reactions of the groom, and the sweet moments between the lovebirds that follow.

Of course, there can be disadvantages to consider, too. The biggest downside for some brides is the dream they’ve carried around since they were little – they’ve always imagined their groom seeing them in their dress for the first time as they walk down the aisle. If this is you, we say hang on to that dream! Those who are superstitious may also believe it’s bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the ceremony.

The other point to consider is scheduling. If you need to have the ceremony earlier in the day for any reason, such as vendor bookings, you may not have time for the first look and photos following it. And if you choose to do all your photos before the ceremony, keep in mind that you and your white dress may not look as fresh for your vows, especially if you end up tromping through the outdoors for a great shot. As a compromise, you could always ask your photographer to do just the first look photo before the ceremony, which shouldn’t take long, with the rest of the photos remaining between the ceremony and reception.

Have we convinced you that the first look is the way to go? Now it’s time to come in to Bridal House and find the dress that will really wow him at the first look!