Twice As Nice: When One Dress Just Isn’t Enough

You’ve chosen the dress of your dreams. You feel like Cinderella in the gown – it’s full-skirted, dripping with beading and rhinestones, and it takes a team of people to get you into it. It is truly spectacular, and you love every inch of it. You constantly daydream about walking down the aisle in this sparkling confection. The only problem? You also booked a rockin’ DJ for the dance, and you know there’s no way you’re getting your groove on in 12 layers of tulle and silk. What’s a bride to do?

We are seeing more and more brides saying yes to not just one, but two dresses! Your second dress still makes you stand out as the bride while giving you plenty of room to move and groove. And it doesn’t have to be as expensive as your “main” dress – second dresses are often more casual, with a shorter hemline and fewer embellishments.

Some brides choose two dresses because honestly, they fell in love with two! They truly can’t choose and decide to wear one for the ceremony and the other for the reception. Others may wear one for sentimental reasons (her mother’s or grandmother’s dress) and the other for herself. Or a bride may want to explore different looks – elegant and royal for one, sleek and sexy for another.

Some cultures also have events where certain dress is required. We know brides who donned a beautiful sari for one part and a traditional white wedding dress for the next part, blending cultures and tradition for a wedding that honoured the cultures of both families.

Some brides decide on multiple dresses because they have multiple events. You may decide on a lighter, more casual dress for the small beach ceremony in Cancun, but decide on something a little different for the big wedding reception you’re holding back home for all your friends and family.

We even know brides who have chosen three dresses – an intricately beaded ballgown for the ceremony, something sleeker for the cocktails and dinner, and then a short feathery number for the dance! However, it’s a busy day that goes by quickly – make sure you’ll have plenty of time to get changed if you decide you want multiple costume changes. It’s easy to get stuck in your room changing instead of enjoying the party.

Keep in mind that if you’re buying two dresses, you may also need to consider buying shoes and accessories to match each one! You may also need different undergarments, depending on the dresses. You also want to remember that two dresses means twice the tailoring budget, so keep that in mind when you’re working out the numbers.

Two dresses can make you feel twice as special on your big day! It also means you need to shop twice the selection. Bridal House has the largest selection of wedding gowns in Edmonton – stop in today and we’ll help you find the two (or more!) dresses of your dreams!