What is a "Bridal Trunk Show"?

What is a “bridal trunk show”?

A trunk show is a special event held by a retailer in which a particular designer or collection is featured. Attendees can preview an upcoming collection before anyone else. Most times, a trunk show collection is not yet available in store or online.

Why should I attend a trunk show?

There are lots of reasons to attend a trunk show, especially for brides. For designers, trunk shows are a chance to see real brides wear their newest collections, collect feedback, and gage popularity. We love trunk shows as well because it allows our associates to get to know a line more intimately, hear inspiration direct from a designer, and provide gowns to our customers that they might otherwise not get a chance to see.

Here are a few of the best reasons to attend for a bride:

      1.   Access: Representatives from the collections (or even the designers themselves) will attend the trunk show, so you have a prime opportunity to ask questions and receive advice. If you do get a chance to meet the designer, it’s a great chance to ask for a photo or even a custom sketch – it’s all a part of the experience!

Note: Designers choose retailers to host trunk shows very carefully; if your favourite designer is featured at your store, it is because they trust that the staff know and understand their brand – a valuable component for the process of ordering, fitting, and delivering your gown. You’re more likely to have a seamless experience.

      2.  Exclusivity: Designers will send dresses to a trunk show that will not always be available in store. You’ll see the full collection in advance of it’s release, so you’ll be able to try on and select a dress (for order) that others in your region may never see in person.

      3.  Discounts: Occasionally designers will offer discounts to brides that select a dress during a trunk sale. It’s not technically a ‘sale’ – it’s more of a special event offer. Generally, brides should expect to get the best possible price on a dress if it’s a part of a trunk show.

      4.  Selection: Often, designers will not send their full collections to every bridal store. If there are a few dresses that are very similar, you may only see one or two in the store and miss out on the full spectrum. Trunk shows are your chance to see the full collection.

How does a trunk show work?

Trunk shows can last from one day to a few weeks. Sometimes they require appointments, and sometimes can be visited more casually. Brides can shop with one of us, or sometimes with a brand representative, to review the collection – and yes, you can try on the dresses! You are also not limited to trying on just the dresses involved with the trunk show – your appointment is your appointment. Our associates will show you what you’d like to see as a part of the trunk show, and also help you with dresses from other collections if you’d like.

Contact us or check out our upcoming events page to learn more about the details of our upcoming trunk shows.