What Suits You? A 5-Step Guide for the Groom.

Remember that ad? A radiant bride gliding down the aisle, and a voice-over: “While they’re all looking at her… She’ll be looking at you.” And cut to the beaming groom, looking sharp in his crisp black tux. While this wasn’t our ad, we certainly embrace the sentiment. There’s so much excitement about which lovely white creation the bride will wear, but we can’t forget it’s his big day too! Modern grooms are increasingly discerning when it comes to their wedding day attire. Just like your bride, you know that this is a day when all eyes will be on you, and that you’ll look back on it with countless photos – generations into the future. Let’s just say some of us have seen pictures of our dad’s ruffled powder-blue tux…  

Grooms today have almost as much selection as their brides for wedding day attire, which means there are a lot of decisions to make. We've broken it down into "the big five" dressing choices a groom has to make.

1. Do you want a suit or a tuxedo? This probably depends what kind of wedding are you having. Are you and your bride planning casual beach nuptials or are you tying the knot in a historic grand cathedral? Also consider your own personality and style. Men who rarely wear a suit may be uncomfortable spending their special day in a three-piece tuxedo, while a style-savvy gentleman may take the opportunity to wear that Bond-style tux with satin lapels.

2. What colour and details of your suit or tuxedo do you want? Tan and cream are fantastic choices for beach or outdoor weddings, and light gray is gaining popularity and looks great for summer. White tuxes make a bold statement and of course, classic black always looks sharp and never goes out of style.

3. How do you want your suit or tuxedo to fit? Fit is also important to the fashion-forward groom. Even our rented suits and tuxes can be altered, and we can recommend designers that will best suit your body type. You also want to think about fabric weight, depending on the location and season – remember that a winter wedding in Banff requires a different weight than the beach wedding in Jamaica. You don’t want to be sweating before the flower girl even gets down the aisle!

4. What kind of accessories do you want for your suit or tuxedo? The bride has jewellery and veil to worry about, but men aren’t off the hook for accessories either. Most bridal parties try to coordinate the groom’s or groomsmen’s accessories to match the wedding colours and bridesmaids dresses. There are a huge variety of bowties and straight ties to choose from in countless colours, as well as vests to coordinate.

5. Do you rent, or do you buy?  Here are some things you might consider: if you buy a tux, will you wear it again? What about a suit? A great suit can take you seamlessly from the dancefloor to the boardroom. But if you don’t think you’ll wear that tux again or have plenty of suits at home already, a rental can look like a perfect fit.

Feeling overwhelmed with all the choices? We can help! Our goal is to make the process of finding the right fit, style and colors a fun and seamless experience so you look and feel your very best on the big day. Even better? If your bride orders her wedding gown from The Bridal House, you receive the groom’s tuxedo rental for free as well as 10% off two or more bridesmaid dresses. If your groomsmen rent five of more tuxedos (but haven’t purchased the bridal gown from us) you receive the groom’s tuxedo rental for free or $20 off per rental. Come in today, grab our catalogues and find your perfect wedding day attire.