Guest Limits for Appointments

With the announcement of some restrictions being lifted in the near future, we have had questions from brides about allowing more guests for bridal appointments. At this point we have no plan to increase the 3 guest maximum we currently have for bridal/tuxedo appointments or the 6 person maximum in the Bridesmaid Loft.

To be totally honest, we had a few uncomfortable situations over the last couple weeks, and we discussed reducing the maximum number of guests. This could still happen at some point, but for right now we have decided to keep it the same.

We know this is upsetting for some brides, and it is difficult to understand why we won’t allow more people when the province is increasing the capacity allowance on retail stores. Please understand it isn’t about the amount of people we can legally have in our store, we need to reduce the number of people our staff comes into contact with. For specialty retail stores like ours, we are grouped into the same category as Costco, which for us…doesn’t always make sense. Everyday is a balancing act between ever changing restrictions, trying to keep customers happy, and keeping our staff as safe as possible.

Here is an example: On a typical Saturday one of our bridal consultants will have 4 appointments. This is 4 people our staff member will be in close contact with (less than 2m) for 90 minutes. If each of those brides brings 3 guests, that is another 12 people. And as much as we ask guests to please stay seated and distanced during the appointment, excitement usually takes over and the reality is the bridal consultant usually has all 3 guests in her space for most of the appointment. As a result, our staff member will have been in direct, close contact with 16 people for 90 minutes each, and that is just in one day.

3 guests per bride may not seem like enough, but for our staff members the contact adds up quickly. So please…we ask for your understanding when we tell you that you cannot bring extra people to your appointment. Regardless of the restrictions that are being lifted, they may not make sense for our store, and the health & safety of our staff will always come first.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate the ever-changing situation!