size matters

If you are new to this whole wedding gown thing, you might not be aware that bridal sizing is wonky, it can also be really inconsistent between designers. I’m a pretty solid size 14 and in a wedding gown I will fit anywhere from a size 16-20 depending on the designer and style of gown. We have always carried sizes 16+ at our store, and we fully acknowledge the selection was not the greatest…until recently! One of the big things we had planned to do in 2020 was to increase our selection of larger sizes. COVID-19 reared its ugly head and unfortunately our timeline was slightly de-railed, but we are really excited about the changes we have made in the way we order our sample gowns.

Size inclusivity is a really big deal to us, it is something Natalie and I feel strongly about, and we knew it was an area we were falling short. We increased our samples in size 16+ by almost 20 gowns in the last few weeks (6 of them were size 20+) and we have no plans of stopping there! Currently 30% of our very large sample inventory is size 16 and up, and our plan is to bring that closer to the 50% mark in 2021. We also started to order some of our gowns in multiple sizes!

We know just because a bride is a larger size, it doesn’t mean she wants a ballgown or an a-line…enter Mr. Martin Thornburg. This designer does fitted gowns REALLY well, so we brought the collection in last year for a trunk show to test them in larger sizes. We absolutely loved them, and so did our brides! The Martin Thornburg gowns have amazing structure and a forward thinking design with amazing, thoughtful details. His website features two different size models, one of which is a size 20 – we LOVE that! We recently received 10 sample gowns from Martin Thornburg in sizes 16+ and they are absolutely stunning. The one pictured above is “Dolores” this fitted gown comes with a detachable train and long sleeves, it also available without the detachable train! The sample we have in store is a size 20 in Ivory/Nude and it fits like a dream (I obviously tried it on!)

If you are a bride who is nervous about shopping for a gown, you can give us a call in advance to ask questions and calm your nerves. You can also ask to speak directly to the consultant you are booked with and have a chat prior to your appointment. A lot of brides are pleasantly surprised at how fabulous they feel in a wedding gown, they offer structure and support we don’t often find in our everyday clothing.

Our goal is to make you feel beautiful and confident in your wedding gown so you can strut your fabulous butt down that aisle like you OWN IT!